Guest Bathroom Redo

I must say, our upstairs guest bathroom is the least used bathroom in our house and now officially my favorite! My husband just finished the marble floor with a hexagon mosaic inlay and I’m in love. 

This was the most dated bathroom in the house when we bought it, but with a few upgrades and some DIY projects, it is looking MUCH better!

Here are a few before pics of the bathroom. Unfortunately, we get very carried away with our projects, and I often forget to take a lot of good before pics, but hopefully you get the idea from these. 

A few months after we moved in, we had the granite counter top put in. We also replaced the faucets, toilet paper holder, and added towel hangers. We then used oil rubbed bronze spray paint to update the lights as well as the cabinet pulls.

Oiled rubbed bronze spray paint and new globes was all we needed to update these brass light fixtures. I don’t have any before pictures, but if you can picture gold with white tulip glass, that’s what these were!

Last weekend, my husband did the floors all by himself!! I have to give you a better idea of the floor since he did such an amazing job on it. I’ll post more in-process photos of that project at a later time. We also put a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore’s decorator white paint on the cabinet because the previous “white” looked very dingy next to the new marble. 

I was a little nervous about mixing marble and granite, but I really love how it came together!

We’re holding off on doing anything with the shower tile right now. As I said in the beginning, this bathroom really isn’t used, and given that the tile in the shower is white, it works for now. We may replace it later, but we have other projects higher on the priority list!!

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2 thoughts on “Guest Bathroom Redo

  1. Every bit of the upgrade is just amazing. I particularly like the floor. To think that your husband achieved such a flawless finish all by himself makes it even more adorable. I wonder why you had misgivings about mixing granite and marble. Apart from their durability, the mixture of the two materials is usually very beautiful. The end result of the upgrade proves just that!Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

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