DIY Mud Bench

This project has actually been done for quite a while, but life got in the way of me sharing it with you. I will start by saying that the majority of this work (minus the vision, painting, and baskets) was all done by my amazing husband. Our home was built in the ’90s and therefore lacked the modern amenity of a mud bench in the laundry area. We had a blank wall between our laundry room and guest bath that was the perfect home for one. 

This is by no means a “how-to” post, but I did want to share the construction progress of how we got to the finished product. I am obsessed with molding and am so glad we were able to incorporate quite a bit of it into this project. I think those little details are what take it to the next level. 

It looks like it’s always been there, doesn’t it?!

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Happy DIYing! 🙂

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